The Idle Class - Editor

EDITOR'S NOTE: Look at us. A whole year down.

My, how far we have come. Here we are, an entire year after our first issue together. Last year, we dipped our toes into fashion, got a little rugged in the great outdoors, broke an Idle Class record with the visual arts and wrapped the year up with tantalizing food and drinks. This year we plan to open a few new doors and revisit some favorite issues of the past. To begin, we’re bringing you The Performing Arts Issue. This is a personal favorite of mine—when I’m not absorbing the arts communit


If you know anything about me, you will know I am a foodie who gets emotional when thinking about favorite meals. I may not be a chef and renowned food writer like our guest editor, but I know how to appreciate a good bite when I meet it. Most of my professional biography blurbs include my favorite meal of the day, brunch. When planning the 2019 issues of The Idle Class, one issue stuck out as a must-have to close out my first year, and that was—and is—the beautiful volume you’re holding: The Food and Drink Issue.

The Outdoors Issue Editor's Note

Learning about the great outdoors as a kid is a huge factor in cultivating imagination, whether that comes from your dad telling you stories about the Wolf-Man while eating Hostess snacks in a tent in your backyard, or playing outside until the streetlights came on. When I joined the Girl Scouts in first grade, I had great expectations of becoming Queen of the Wilderness. I’d learn how to tie a rope! Build a campfire! Fish off the dock with my Little Mermaid fishing pole! Run barefoot with wolves!